OC Salsa

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We create these opportunities so students can practice among friends and promote camaraderie and bonding among our students. Learning how to dance , like learning a new skill, takes time and can be challenging. We make the transition from classes to dancing at social settings the easiest possible. We encourage students to attend our events regularly so the can practice more and make friends in the process. And when you come to on of our events for the first time you don’t have to come to dance.  Just come in and enjoy the atmosphere; see how things are. This is the first step. After that the second time you know what to expect and maybe you dance one song. Third time a little more and so on. You do it a little bit at a time. Many students have the belief that you will take enough classes and then at one point be ready to go dancing. The reality is that you have to build confidence to dance what you learn at classes a little bit a time. So we suggest to dive in! Come to our events, even if you took only one class or none. We know you will have a blast.