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ThuyTien Nguyen, as known as Xiu, moved to the USA from Vietnam in 2016. Xiu has been sharing her unique teaching style at OC Salsa from 2018. She started Salsa in 2007 in Vietnam, had been self-trained for years before she had a chance to travel and take classes from others. Her first motivation to push herself to be a better dancer when she saw the difference of Asian dancers with other Latin dancers. People always say Asian dancers have great techniques but no flavor. She knew that she has to travel the world and keeps learning to understand the dance, the culture, especially the music better. She wants to have that authentic Latin “sabor”. Xiu started to travel out of her country to train, take workshops and dance more ever since. In 2014, Xiu took the Ladies Bootcamp by the most successful female Salsa dancer, Karel Flores in Singapore. That one event transformed her mindset about dancing so much. She got inspired and promise to herself to never stop training. In 2016, after moving to the USA, Xiu joined On2ourage team led by Eder Avila, an Salsa team based in Long Beach, CA. Alongside with training in the team, she has been traveled to many festivals and cities to take workshops/bootcamps, private classes with many top instructors to improve her dance skills and enhance her own style, such as Mambo King Eddie Torres (N.Y), Adolfo Indacochea (Italy), Yamulee (N.Y), Ernesto Bulnes and Denisse Cambria (N.Y), Juan Matos (Italy), Delia Madera (N.Y), Alien Ramirez (Cuba), Rodrigo Cortaza (Mexico), Bersy Cortez (Spain), Tito and Tamara (P.R), Adrian and Anita (Spain/Brazil), Jessica Quilez (Italy), Charlie and Tania (N.Y/Italy). Not only Salsa, Xiu dedicated her time for Bachata training with some top instructors as well, such as Daniel and Desiree (Spain), Ataca and Alemana (F.L), Korke and Judith (Spain), Alex and Desiree (N.J). In 2018, Xiu made a big jump to join Omambo led by Omar and Amelia Munoz. Her goal is to improve her stage skills with this champion team based in L.A. She is still sharpening her dancing by hours of training and taking classes from other instructors to become a phenomenal social dancer on the dance floor as well as a good performer on the stage. With many years of teaching in Asia, Xiu has a great foundation of knowledge and teaching methods to conduct any beginner class with cheerful energy and solid instruction. Furthermore, her higher levels classes are always challenging and motivating.