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The OC Salsa Monthly Membership offers Unlimited Monthly Salsa & Bachata Classes:

– TUESDAYS  8pm Bachata Class, 9pm Salsa Class @ 2980 Mcclintock Way, Costa Mesa, Ca

– WEDNESDAYS 8pm Salsa, 8:45pm Bachata  @ Sevilla at 1870 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa. Includes Dancing 9:30pm-1:30am. Must be there before 10:30pm.

– THURSDAYS 8pm Bachata Class, 9pm Salsa Class @ 2980 Mcclintock Way, Costa Mesa, Ca

– FRIDAYS  8:30pm Salsa, 9:15pm Bachata @ El Rumbon by OC Salsa (Inside Jalisco Club) @ 6202 Garden Grove Blvd,  Westminster.

Includes Dancing 10pm-2am. Must be there before 10:30pm.

How does the monthly membership work?

Once a membership option is selected, a user name, password , email and credit/debit card information must be entered. Once submitted, the payment is made and the new member name is now registered and enrolled.  All monthly classes are free for the duration of the membership.  The next step is come to the classes and events (parties), free of charge!  No appointment is needed. As a member all that is needed is bring your ID and mention your name at the door during classes/parties times (for parties you must be there before 10:30pm).  Your membership will be charged every month for the amount of $129 unless you stop/cancel . Need to stop/cancel the membership? It is easy. Just login into your account (link at the bottom of this page) to access your account page. OC salsa does not handle cancelations, as it is designed to give that option to the members to make it easy for them to cancel anytime.

There are no refunds of any kind once a payment is made. To make the most out of your membership it is recommended that if you wish to cancel/stop your membership, that it is done the day before your next payment is due. Once a membership is stoped/cancelled, the name is automatically taken from the front desk members list and you will have no free access to the classes/parties until you enroll again. Questions? Call/Text 949-813-0412. We will be happy to answer them!

Beginner/Intermediate levels offered at all classes. No Partner Needed. No appointment needed

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