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Kids salsa & bachata classes in Orange County by OC Salsa


WHEN:Starting August 23, 2024, every Friday will be filled with vibrant rhythms at OC Salsa Dance Studio. The schedule is as follows:

5:00 PM: Bachata Classes tailored for two age groups: Kids (8-12 years) and Teens (13-17 years). 6:00 PM: Salsa Classes also segmented for Kids and Teens.

WHERE: Join us at OC Salsa Dance Studio, conveniently located at 16131 Harbor in Fountain Valley. It’s the perfect venue for young dancers to learn and grow in a welcoming atmosphere.

WHAT: Our classes are designed to introduce children and teenagers to the joyful world of Latin dance. Each session will feature:

-Divided Spaces: The studio will divide into two rooms, ensuring focused learning for each age group with dedicated instructors for both Bachata and Salsa classes.

-No Partner Needed: Students will rotate partners during class, fostering a dynamic learning environment and helping them build confidence in social interactions.

-Footwear Guidance: While dance shoes aren’t required for the first class, our instructors will provide guidance on where to acquire proper dance footwear for subsequent sessions.

DURATION: Each class spans 2 hours, offering ample time for structured learning and practice. These sessions are not only about mastering dance techniques but also about preparing for optional student showcases.

GOALS: Our primary aim is to make learning dance a fun and enriching experience:

-Social Skills: Through interaction and teamwork, students will develop strong social skills and make lasting friendships.

-Confidence Building: Dancing encourages self-expression and boosts confidence, essential for personal growth.

-Health and Wellness: Engaging in physical activity through dance promotes overall well-being, keeping young minds and bodies active and balanced within a fulfilling hobby.

FREE TRYOUT OPEN HOUSE DETAILS: Before committing, we invite prospective students to join our Free Tryout Open House. Here’s what to expect:

-Registration Requirement: To participate, please ensure you are registered for the tryout date. Early arrival (15 minutes prior to the first class at 4:45 PM on Friday, August 23, 2024) is recommended to start promptly.

-Introduction to Instructors: Each age group will be introduced to their respective instructors who will guide them through a fun warm-up and light stretching to get them ready for the session.

-Structured Learning: Classes will cover new steps weekly while reinforcing previous lessons. The pace is designed to keep students focused and engaged, driven by lively music and continuous movement throughout.

WEEKLY TRAINING DETAILS: Our curriculum ensures consistent growth and learning:

-Progressive Learning: Every week, students will learn new dance steps and techniques, building upon their skills from previous sessions.

-Home Practice: To enhance learning, students will be given small tasks to practice at home, fostering a deeper engagement with the material covered in class.

STUDENTS SHOWCASE RECITAL DETAILS : A highlight of our program is the Student Showcase Recital (optional):

-Celebration of Achievement: This one-day event includes a dinner where students can proudly showcase their newfound skills in front of family and friends.

Details Coming Soon: Stay tuned for more information as we finalize plans for this memorable occasion.

ELIGIBILITY:These classes are open to children aged 8-12 and teenagers aged 13-17 who are eager to explore the world of Latin dance.

COST:Enrollment is priced at $99 per month for one child, with a discounted rate of $179 per month for two children. Special rates are available for families with more members interested in joining.

REGISTRATION:To secure a spot in our program, registration is mandatory:

-How to Register: Text 949-813-0412 with the message “Kids Class Registration” followed by the parent’s name, email address, and the names of the children who will be attending.

-Confirmation: Upon sending your text, you will receive a confirmation reply (CONFIRMED). If you do not receive a confirmation, please resend your text or contact us via phone so we can assist you promptly.

-Check-in Process: On the day of the tryout, please check in as instructed to ensure a smooth start to your child’s dance journey with us.

QUESTIONS: For any further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via email at ocsalsainfo@gmail.com or by texting 949-813-0412/ 949-527-2306. We are here to help and provide you with all the information you need to make this experience enjoyable and rewarding for your child.

INSTRUCTORS DETAILS: For specific information about our dedicated instructors and their qualifications, please contact us directly. We’ll be happy to share more about the experienced professionals who will be guiding your child’s dance education journey.


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OC Salsa Invites you to our 4 Hour Bachata Boot Camp ” Learn How to Bachata in one Day” for Beginners, PLUS  Beginner/Intermediate Level & Intermediate Level. 3 Classes, in 3 Separate rooms w/ 9 Amazing Teachers. FREE FOR OC SALSA MONTHLY MEMBERS (you can sign up for membership @ EstebanConde.com). NO PARTER NEEDED. 

Beginner Level will cover basic steps & turns for those w/ zero or little experience

Beginner/Intermediate Level is for those who know the basic steps and turns and are ready for more.

Intermediate Level class is for tose who mastered the basics, timing, turns and techniques and combinations and are ready for more. 

This 4 hour class will also have a COMPLIMENTARY 3 1/2  hour  Dance Social from 9:30m-1am at OC Salsa 2980 Mcclintock Way, Costa Mesa,  so you can dance and practice what you had just learned.  All You have to do is show the wrist band you received at bootcamp. ($15 Value).

No Partner, special shoes, clothing or experience needed. For those coming for the first time, you can truly learn how to dance the basics in 1 Day.

When: SATURDAY November 12 11am-3pm

Where: Cafe Sevilla, 1870 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa (Top Flor), Free Parking

Price: $49 Pre Paid, $69 at the Door. Once Pre Paid your name will be registered at the door. Just come in, mention your name the day of the event and that’s it! 100% REFUNDS ONLY IN THE CASE OF EVENT CANCELATION. NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS OR CANCELLING AFTER PAYMENT. Thank you for understanding . 



Problems paying online?  You can also send payment VENMO @EstebanConde (949-813-0412) Title 4 HOUR BACHATA BOOT CAMP. Once paid your name will be at the door.



11am Basic Right & Left Turns 12pm Hammerlock & Shadow Turns 1pm Back and forth Basic and Turns 2pm Sexy hair combs and fun moves. 


11am How to move your Hips & Torso for Bachata. How to Dance From the Torso ARTHUR & XIU 12pm Intro into Syncopated Partnerwork (dominican Style) ARTHUR & XIU 1pm Fun Partnerwork w/ Arm Styling VERA TINOCO 2pm- Easy Dips and Accent Moves for Bachata VERA TINOCO 


11am How to Lead and Follow Body Rolls & Head Rolls  12pm Dominican Bachata Partner Work 1pm Bachata Sensual Essentials part 1 2pm Bachata Sensual Essentials part 2

Cafe Sevilla will also be open for drinks and food. Come for the dance, stay for the yummy food! Sevilla is a 5 star restaurant establishment



Problems paying online?  You can also send payment VENMO @EstebanConde (949-813-0412) Title 4 HOUR BACHATA BOOT CAMP. Once paid your name will be at the door.


Text 949-813-0412

Thank you and see you there!

Esteban Conde OC Salsa #ocsalsa

WHEN: Monday June 15 7:30PM-9:30pm

WHERE: OC Salsa Dance Studio, 16131 Harbor, Fountain Valley 

WHAT: OC Salsa Students Training team, Performance optional. There will be 2 TEAM LEVELS: Level 1 (Beg/Int) & Level 2 (Int/Adv). Each level will be learning 2 Full choreographies, one for Salsa, one for bachata. Both teams will be learning and practicing simultaneously in 2 different rooms after tryout level placement every Monday 7:30pm-9:30pm. After first day tryout, students will be assigned to a team  suited to their level (LEVEL 1 OR LEVEL 2). You will be able to learn 2 full dance style choreographies at the same time. Double value! 

HOW LONG: This is a 6 Months Training that ends in December 2024 with a Students Dinner Showcase (Date to be confirmed) at OC Salsa. 

GOALS: To learn a full choreography that will improve students social dancing abilities within a structured and same team members environment. To have fun and promote friendship and comradery within the students while providing a performance (optional) as a goal. To challenge students to learn steps that will improve and take their dancing to a higher level. 

DETAILS OF TRYOUT: Students ned to register for tryout date. Please come to tryout 15 Mts prior to beginning so we can start right on time with everyone there. At tryout, we will do 2 warm up social dances to 2 full songs (bachata and salsa). After that you will learn on the course of 2 hours a 2 dance sequence of moves, one for Salsa and one for Bachata. At the end we will announce everyone’s level placement.  Please bring dance shoes,  workout clothing and water to hydrate yourself.  Once you are confirmed and placed for team level, you must register at the bottom of this page and submit your payment by Wed July 17 to be part on the team. 

DETAILS OF WEEKLY TRAINING: Every week you will learn new choreography and review what was covered. There will be team formations, and partner changes, choreography style, as well; as dance drills and exercises to improve balance, flexibility, and ear training. Every week you will learn and practice Salsa choreography and bachata choreography. Students wishing to participate must be part of the two dance style trainings as it is designed to lear both at the same time. 

DETAILS OF SHOWCASE: OC Salsa Students show case will be a one day event, with dinner, shows by the students  and dancing after to celebrate and showcase the routines learned from each level. Students will be able to invite friends and family members. 

WHO: This project is for all students looking for challenge. Must be level 2 and above to participate as this training won’t cover basic steps. 

HOW MUCH: $129 for training only. $159 for Training plus the complete OC salsa membership that includes all classes, wed & fri socials & bootcamps. Also cost of costumes for those wishing to perform to be arranged later once team is formed. 

HOW TO REGISTER: EVERYONE MUST REGISTER. To register please text 949-813-0412 Title: “OC Salsa Team Registration” with your Name, Last Name & email. Once text is  sent you must receive a reply that reads: CONFIRMED. If you don’t receive a text with the confirmation, please send text again, or call to let us know so we can register you. 

QUESTIONS: Email piluso69@gmail.com Thank you!