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OC Salsa offers 10 minute one on one Dance Evaluations with an OC Salsa instructor,  booked at the front desk in order to evaluate students to move from Beginner level 1 to Beginner Level 2, from Beginner Level 2 to Intermediate & from Intermediate to Advance. First come first serve, limited spots per day. In these sessions the instructor will EVALUATE to test the students skills to move up to a higher level.  Please follow these guidelines to make the most out of the one on one sessions. 

  1. All bookings are done at the front desk, not with the instructors. Instructors will be assigned based on availability. Students can’t choose who to Evaluate with. They are booked  Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30pm-10pm
  2. When booking at front desk mention that you are booking for EVALUATION. In order to EVALUATE you must have practice, study, know and mastered the All the steps and techniques  from your current level. Front desk will ask if you have prepared for Evaluation. If answer is yes, you will be allowed to BOOK. If answered no, you will not be allowed to book to EVALUATE. You must be prepared.
  3. Pay the fee and start at the time assigned ($20). No Punch Cards
  4. Once booked, you will get an EVALUATION worksheet to give the instructor for your session. The instructor will then ask you to perform 3 random steps from your current level by yourself, so it is important that you know the names  and how to do them by yourself. The test is based on the criteria of the syllabus steps and ALL techniques from your current level. After that the instructor will dance with you to test your TIMING, CONNECTION & LEAD/FOLLOW.  
  5. Once the evaluation is over, the instructor will A) Gives you the OK to advance to the next level and you will receive a Completion Certificate or 2) The instructor will then mark on the sheet the things you need to work on in which case you will need work on the things corrected and evaluate again.
  6. If you need correction,  you can refer to the videos at OC Salsa website www.EstebanConde.com where all the steps and techniques are available for you to review and practice. OC Salsa is the only school that offers such tools for students’ improvement. Please take advantage of them
  7. REMEMBER: You must know and be familiar with all the dance steps & techniques from the Syllabus from your level in order to Evaluate. 
  8. Sessions are strictly 10 Mts to respect all students’ sessions and the instructor’s time. 
  9. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t advance after your evaluation.  OC Salsa evaluations are OC Salsa personal way to give students one on one feedback on the things they need to improve to get them dancing the best way possible. It also motivates students to prepare and study so they can be better dancers. This way you will become the best version of yourself and advance ready to learn at a higher level and get better.  So be ready and prepare! Do your part and know the material so the instructor can evaluate and correct you based on what you already know.
  10. Use our resources! OC Salsa provides you with free videos of all the steps and techniques available at our website www.EstebanConde.com

All this info is available online at www.EstebanConde.com/Eval