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Cafe Sevilla Amateur Salsa Competition 4/8

Cafe Sevilla Amateur Salsa Competition 4/8
January 27, 2020 adminer
Wed 4/8
Cafe Sevilla OC
Salsa and Bachata Night!10pm-1am Dancing and Partying to Super DJ Rumbero’s music!+ OC Salsa Jack and Jill Amateur Salsa Competition, $500 in cash prizes. No partner or costumes needed. One Night only! At the New Cafe Sevilla OCSchedule
Wed April 8th 8:30pm-10pm

Beginner and intermediate level Classes
Bachata 8:30pm, Salsa at 9:15pm
Competition Registration Starts at 8:30pm, first come, first serve. Limited Sots!
Dancing and competition 10pm-1am to the Great Music Selection of Super DJ Rumbero!

Description of event:

To compete you need to register. Registration begins at 8:30pm the day of the competition) in person and it”s first come, first serve (limited spots). Once we have the max total of contestants, registration will close. There is no fee to register, just pay the party cover fee ($10).

There will be 2 rounds. First round (semi final) will move 6 couples to the next final round decided by judges. Once on the finals, winner will be determined by judge panel of professional dancers.

This is to crown the best social dancer, randomly partnered dancing to DJ Music selection. This competition is open to all levels. A jack and jill competition. May the best dancer became Master of the Dance Floor!

Dancers will have their name placed in a hat (one for leads, one for follows), then they will randomly be partnered up to whomever they got selected to dance. All dancers then will dance together 2 songs for the Semi Final Round. After the 2 songs are danced, judges will decide who the top 6 couples will move to the finals, happening right after.

For the finals, dancers will be randomly draw names to switch partners again (fun!) to have a different partner and test their social dance skills.

After that one couple at a time will be dancing to an upbeat salsa song where they will be judged by pro dancers.

1st Place $300, 2nd Place $150, 3rd Place $50 CASH prizes

Finals will be judged in this criteria:
Timing, Technique, Musicality, Audience response, Dance Partner Connection and Rhythm

Once spaces fill up, registration closes. The purpose of the competition is to have a fun, promote camaraderie among dancers in Orange County while challenging dancers to improve their dance skills and reward them for it. . Open to amateur level salsa dancers.

At the ALL NEW Cafe Sevilla 1870 harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa top floor of the Triangle Square across from La Vida Cantina. Plenty of lit safe parking!

Questions? send us a message we ll be happy to answer. thank you!

Esteban Conde
OC Salsa Owner
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