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Amateur Bachata Competition by OC Salsa $1000

Amateur Bachata Competition by OC Salsa $1000
October 27, 2021 adminer

Welcome to OC Salsa “Best Social Dancer” Amateur Bachata Competition, with $1,000 in cash prizes, Jack and Jill Style, No partner or costumes needed. Come to compete, to watch and have fun cheering for your favorite competitors!

This is a 3 day Event
Friday 11/5 First Qualifying Round
Friday 11/12 Second Qualifying Round
Friday 11/9 Finals

Description of event:
3 dates competition: Friday 11/5 & 11/12, are qualifying round to the final. From each date 4 leads and 4 follows will move to the final round.

Friday 11/19 will be the finals! The 8 leads and 8 follows from the qualifying rounds will compete for the grand prize!

1st Place: $1000 Cash + 2 Months Free Entrance to El Rumbon

2nd place 2 Months Free Entrance To El Rumbon

3rd place 1 Month Free Entrance To El Rumbon.

Limited Spots to Compete. To guarantee spot you must come the day of the qualifying round and register. First come first serve. Once registered, you will be on the list and leads will be assigned a number.

Even if you didn’t qualify on a round, you can still register for another qualifying date. To register there is the cover fee of $10 includes the dancing that night.

For the qualifying round, dancers will be randomly partnered and dance to the DJ Bachata music selection. 4 couples will be selected by audience response from each date to move to the finals Friday 11/19 for the chance to win the grand prize and to be crowned “Best Social Salsa Dancer, Amateur Level”

This is to crown the best social dancer, randomly partnered dancing to DJ Music selection. This competition is open to amateur level only (no pros, advance advance dancers allowed). A jack and jill competition. May the best dancer became Master of the Dance Floor!

Dancers will have their name placed in a hat (one for leads, one for follows), then they will randomly be partnered up to whomever they got selected to dance. All dancers then will dance together 2 songs. After the 2 songs are danced, audience will decide by applauses who their top 4 couples per qualifying date will move to the finals.

For the finals, dancers will randomly draw names to switch partners again (fun!) to have a different partner and test their social dance skills on the floor.

At the finals one couple at a time will be dancing to an upbeat salsa song where they will be judged by pro dancers.
Finals will be judged in this criteria:

Timing, Technique, Musicality, Audience response, Dance Partner Connection and Improvisation.

Be on time to register (doors open at 7:30pm). Once spaces fill up, registration closes. The purpose of the competition is to promote camaraderie among dancers in Orange County & Los Angeles, while challenging dancers to improve their dance skills in the social floor and reward them for it. . Open to amateur level salsa dancers. No professional dancers.

Who is a professional dancer: anyone who received compensation from teaching or has been teaching classes in a regular basis.

There will be open dancing before and after the competitions. Tacos outside! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Super fun and friendly. No attitude or egos welcomed. This really was designed to create a more open and fun dance Salsa/ Bachata dance scene in Orange County.

Address for Friday Competitions is at El Rumbon by OC Salsa at Jalisco Club, 6202 Garden Grove Blvd, Westminster.

Questions? Call/Text 949-813-0412

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