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SUNDAY MARCH 24 1-3PM w/ World Salsa Champion from Puerto Rico Jhesus Aponte

2 Hour Sexy Salsa Heels Workshop at OC Salsa dance Studio in Fountain Valley

Embark on a Dance Journey: Jhesus Aponte's World Dance Xperience - Styling Salsa On2 Sexy Heels Workshop @ OC Salsa!

Dive into a world of rhythm, style, and Latin flair with the Jhesus Aponte World Dance Xperience Styling Salsa On2

Workshop—an immersive 2-hour dance adventure that promises to elevate your salsa game!

Workshop Highlights:

Duration: 2 exhilarating hours

Focus: Styling Salsa On2 in Heels

Instructor: Renowned dancer and choreographer,, 2 times World Salsa Champion Jhesus Aponte

Where: OC Salsa Dance Studio 16131 Harbor Blvd, Fountain Valley

When: Sunday March 1-3pm 

Price: $49 @ Door, $39 Pre paid, FREE for OC Salsa Monthly Members 

What to Expect:
Hour 1: Foundations of Styling Salsa On2
Uncover the secrets of On2 styling as Jhesus guides you through foundational techniques, body isolations, and
expressive movements that breathe life into your salsa.

Hour 2: Elevated Techniques and Musicality
Take your styling to new heights with advanced techniques, intricate footwork, and an exploration of musicality that adds a
layer of sophistication to your dance.

2 Hour Sexy Heels Workshop w/ Jhesus Aponte

-Why Join:
Elevate your salsa styling with insights from a world-renowned instructor. Immerse yourself in a supportive and vibrant
dance community. Unlock the secrets to expressing your unique personality through dance. Enjoy 2 hours of intensive
learning and growth in a dynamic setting.
-Who Can Join: Dancers of all levels are welcome. Whether you’re a seasoned salsa enthusiast or just starting your
dance journey, this bootcamp is designed to inspire and challenge you.
– Unleash the Dancer Within – Join Jhesus Aponte’s World Dance Xperience Styling Salsa On2 Heels Workshop and transform
your salsa styling into a true work of art!

Prepare for a Sensational Dance Experience – What to Bring to Jhesus Aponte’s Styling Salsa On2 Workshop at OC Salsa!

We’re gearing up for an unforgettable dance journey, and to make the most of our time together, here’s a checklist to
ensure you’re ready to unleash your sexy self and elevate your salsa styling:

1. Your Sexy Self: Embrace your unique style and bring the confidence that makes you feel irresistibly you! It’s all about expressing your personality through movement.

2. Sexy Clothing: Wear clothing that makes you feel sexy and confident, while staying body-conscious. Think outfits that complement your style and enhance your dance experience.

3. Comfortable Heels: If you have comfortable heels, bring them along! We’ll be exploring the world of Styling Salsa On2 in heels, and having the right pair can enhance your movement. However, if you don’t have heels, worry not—just bring your enthusiasm, and we’ll dance the night away!

4. Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is key to keeping your energy up. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to sip on during breaks.

5. Positive Vibes: Most importantly, bring your positive energy and enthusiasm for learning. We’re creating a vibrant and supportive community, and your positive vibes contribute to the magic on the dance floor. Remember, the focus is on having a fantastic time while refining your salsa styling. So, pack your essentials, leave any worries behind, and get ready for an incredible dance experience!

See you there!



Problems paying online?  PAY VEMO @ESTEBANCONDE (0412) Title “2 HOUR SEXY HEELS WORKSHOP . Once paid your name will be at the door.


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OC Salsa Invites you to our 4 Hour Bachata Boot Camp ” Learn How to Bachata in one Day” for Beginners, PLUS  Beginner/Intermediate Level & Intermediate Level. 3 Classes, in 3 Separate rooms w/ 9 Amazing Teachers. FREE FOR OC SALSA MONTHLY MEMBERS (you can sign up for membership @ EstebanConde.com). NO PARTER NEEDED. 

Beginner Level will cover basic steps & turns for those w/ zero or little experience

Beginner/Intermediate Level is for those who know the basic steps and turns and are ready for more.

Intermediate Level class is for tose who mastered the basics, timing, turns and techniques and combinations and are ready for more. 

This 4 hour class will also have a COMPLIMENTARY 3 1/2  hour  Dance Social from 9:30m-1am at OC Salsa 2980 Mcclintock Way, Costa Mesa,  so you can dance and practice what you had just learned.  All You have to do is show the wrist band you received at bootcamp. ($15 Value).

No Partner, special shoes, clothing or experience needed. For those coming for the first time, you can truly learn how to dance the basics in 1 Day.

When: SATURDAY November 12 11am-3pm

Where: Cafe Sevilla, 1870 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa (Top Flor), Free Parking

Price: $49 Pre Paid, $69 at the Door. Once Pre Paid your name will be registered at the door. Just come in, mention your name the day of the event and that’s it! 100% REFUNDS ONLY IN THE CASE OF EVENT CANCELATION. NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS OR CANCELLING AFTER PAYMENT. Thank you for understanding . 



Problems paying online?  You can also send payment VENMO @EstebanConde (949-813-0412) Title 4 HOUR BACHATA BOOT CAMP. Once paid your name will be at the door.



11am Basic Right & Left Turns 12pm Hammerlock & Shadow Turns 1pm Back and forth Basic and Turns 2pm Sexy hair combs and fun moves. 


11am How to move your Hips & Torso for Bachata. How to Dance From the Torso ARTHUR & XIU 12pm Intro into Syncopated Partnerwork (dominican Style) ARTHUR & XIU 1pm Fun Partnerwork w/ Arm Styling VERA TINOCO 2pm- Easy Dips and Accent Moves for Bachata VERA TINOCO 


11am How to Lead and Follow Body Rolls & Head Rolls  12pm Dominican Bachata Partner Work 1pm Bachata Sensual Essentials part 1 2pm Bachata Sensual Essentials part 2

Cafe Sevilla will also be open for drinks and food. Come for the dance, stay for the yummy food! Sevilla is a 5 star restaurant establishment



Problems paying online?  You can also send payment VENMO @EstebanConde (949-813-0412) Title 4 HOUR BACHATA BOOT CAMP. Once paid your name will be at the door.


Text 949-813-0412

Thank you and see you there!

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