7/20 Practice Dance

Are you having trouble with thsoe triple spins, double turns? Can’t get the cross body lead turns right and finish with the right foot work? How about styling, when to style, when not? shines, when to do it? musicality, dips? Esteban and his instructors will be sharing all their knowledge in any subject you might have questions about.
Thursday 7/20 Practice Dance with OC Salsa.
What is a practice dance?
-It’s where you come and practice your moves
-Where instructors are helping students one one one, dancing with them
-It’s where you get corrected
-It’s where the instructor will tell you what you need to work on your dancing.
WE WILL BE PLAYING MUSIC as a background, so students can practice, but so instructors can be heard over the music without yelling. Come and check it, it’s guided practice time!
We are going to have 5 instructors helping around: Steve,Juan, Chanelle, Isabelle. Practice leaded by head master instructor Esteban Conde.
$10 (included with salsa class at 9pm)
2980 Mcclintock way # a and b, Costa Mesa

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