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OC Salsa Freestyle Dance Competition

OC Salsa Freestyle Dance Competition
March 29, 2018 adminer

Esteban Conde and OC Salsa invites you to our:
” 2018 OC Salsa Freestyle Dance Competition”

Open to all levels
No pre registration needed
No partner needed
Same day competition
Winner takes all cash prize money !!!

UPDATE: This competition is being created to promote social latin club dancing, in some of their amazing forms :Salsa, Bachata, Salsa Shines and cumbia No partner needed!


April 27 Salsa
May 18 Bachata
June 8 Salsa Shines and Foot work (Solo), men and lady
June 29 Cumbia

Max of 20 people can compete (10 men, 10 ladies for Salsa, Bachata and Cumbia, and 20 total for shines). Need to register to compete the same day (registration opens at 8:30pm of the day of the competition). There is no fee to register, just pay the party cover fee ($10).

There will be 2 rounds. First round (semi final) will move 5 couples (10 people for shines) to the next final round by audience response (applauses). Once not he finals, winner will be determined by judge panel of professional dancers.

This is to crown the best social dancer, randomly partnered dancing to DJ Music selection. This competition is open to all levels. May the best dancer win!

Dancers will have their name placed in a hat (one for leads, one for follows), then they will randomly be partnered up to whomever they got selected to dance with by luck. All dancers then will dance together 2 songs for the Semi Final Round. After that one couple at a time will be dancing to an upbeat salsa song for the the final round once the finalist are selected by audience response. For the finals, dancers will be randomly draw names to switch partners again.

Finals will be judged in this criteria:
Timing, Technique, Musicality, Audience response, Dance Partner Connection and Improvisation.


Friday 4/20 Grand Opening of OC Salsa Friday Nights:
7:30pm Bachata Class (Intermediate and Beginner Level)
8:30 Salsa Class (Intermediate and Beginner Level)
DJ Dasha, Intermediate Instructor Maaz

NEW Dance Studio Look and Decoration!

This competition format has been updated to make it more, fun, casual, open and inviting and give the chance for people to compete on a same day basis. FUN AND WELCOMING! That’s what OC Salsa is all about. We still are giving away $4000 total in a different way. MORE INFO COMING SOON FOR EACH COMPETITION:

Fri July 20 Salsa Team Competition $1000 Grand prize
Fri Augus 10 Bachata Team Competition $1000 Grand Prize

Questions? Message Esteban Conde or call 949-813-0412.


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