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Welcome to the OC Salsa App. This app contains Videos of steps and techniques of the entire dance syllabus we use to teach our classes, FREE. It also has access to our entire Syllabus on a PDF file, along with the calendar of classes and content of what we are teaching.
This app is an aid for our students to help them access the same content of moves they learn at our classes, so they can prepare and study to advance to the next level.

Level 1-3 has Videos 1-10 plus Techniques Videos of Beginner Dance Syllabus
Level 4-6 has Videos 11-20 plus Techniques Videos of Intermediate Dance Syllabus
Level 7-9 has Videos 21-30 plus Techniques Videos of Advance Dance Syllabus

All technique videos are designated with letters, to differentiate them from the Steps.

All videos of steps and techniques for Beginner and Intermediate Sals and Bachata are available when you download the app.

– Watch videos on our app or download them for easy access to your phone

– Know what you will be learning before coming to class

-Keep Track of your progress and know exactly what level you are

-Watch the videos of our Salsa and/or Bachata Syllabus

This app was designed to help students learn and advance a little bit at a time. This way students could advance from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advance, one Level at a time. It is an effective and supportive way to compliment our OC Salsa Classes. Each level is a new milestone as you progress to be a better dancer!

This app is 100% Entirely Free.


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