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Latin Jam Sessions at OC Salsa May Calendar

Latin Jam Sessions at OC Salsa May Calendar
May 1, 2019 adminer
Every Monday Night in May!
5/6 Body Movement Fusion wit Xiu: Body movement variations implemented to Upbeat Salsa Music to explore body movement possibilities to Solo Dancing
5/13 Ladies Shines and Style with Rosemarie: Arms styling and footwork for Ladies focused in increasing confidence and security in arm movement for shines.
5/20: Hip Hop Latin Fusion with Cedric: Hipe hip isolation and movement exploration to later be implemented in Salsa Music.
5/27 Lindy Hop Salsa with Pepe: A Lindy Hop Champion, pepe will explore swing fusion for Salsa Dancing. Fun and Upbeat
at OC Salsa 2980 Mcclintock way, Costa Mesa
These session are Open Level. $15 a class or 10 for $99. at OC Salsa, 2980 Mcclintock way, Costa Mesa
Ever enjoyed watching those dancers do their fast pace shines and footwork? Xiu will be throwing some mad moves and fast [aced shines for those looking for new fun and challenge solo shines. Don’t miss it!
–> Check it out: What is a Latin Jam Session?
– The instructor will demonstrate a “follow the leader” style of class in 1 hour with nonstop music. You will be able to warm up and move along with our instructors from some simple and progressive moves to adding more flavors and spicing up your game. Ultimately, our goal is to make you keep moving and exploring your body’s further ability.
The concept of the class is a playground for our instructors to express their personalities while “jamming” in their favorite genres of music. The students will have the chance to participate in 1 hour of nonstop body movement, creating connection with music, learn how to interpret music in many different ways, altogether with our instructors when they are practicing and improving their crafts. By the end of the class, we definitely will be making a step forward in controlling our bodies as how we want it, when we want it.
Latin Jam Session will cover all sort of Latin dances and Latin fusion. We will introduce several popular themes such as Cuban, Afro Fusion, Pachanga, Latin Jazz for Salsa, Dominican or Urban Sensual for Bachata, Boogaloo Chachacha, etc. We will also sneak in some personal favored themes such as Hip Hop, Reggeaton, House, etc. And more to be added.
With that being said, please come to jam with us with an open mind, flat/jazz shoes, be ready to get sweat and smile.
You always admire those great dancers who look fire on the dance floor? Stop looking at them for 1 hour and come to jam WITH them! Come to learn how they set their dances on fire and start to create your own.


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