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Master Instructor & Owner

Esteban Conde is originally from Argentina. He moved to the United States when he was only 18 years old. Not knowing how to speak english, and not having any friends, he felt alone and isolated. One day his sister took him to a Salsa Club, where he immediately felt at home: people were friendly and he liked the environment and music. He also saw how dancing connected people. He really wanted to learn how to dance!

This proved to be a challenge, since he never danced before. Many times over he tried to learn, not even being able to get the basic steps. He was so uncoordinated, intructors didn’t want to take him up as a a students (this is totally true).

After falling many times, but not giving up, Esteban found his first teacher. He felt cared, understood and this instructor was very patient. With the right instruction, he began to progress quickly to become one of the best students. He got asked to assist his instructor at his classes, learning how to teach, and progressively got better and better. Within 6 months he started competing, winning competitions, and eventually moved from Utah to California to pursue dancing as a career.

Today, Esteban runs OC salsa as the Master Instructor, having won many professional competitions, and travelled all over the US and internationally, teaching and performing among some of the best dancers in the world.

Through out his experience he developed a simplified, syllabus style teaching program that makes it simple for students to learn. He knows Salsa dancing changes lives and that sharing the gift of Salsa helps, heals and uplifts the lives of those who are part of it. He hopes that his story inspires you to be part of his dancing community and to never give up.

He matches a deep knowledge of dancing with a patient, easy-going and fun personality. He is certified by DVIDA, the largest dance organization in the USA and has been featured in Sabado Gigante, the most popular TV show in Latin America.



Chanelle Bruce


Born and raised in Orange County, Chanelle has always admired all types of dance but never ventured into trying it. She began taking salsa and bachata lessons at OC Salsa a year ago and immediately fell in love with the music, culture and friendly, welcoming members of the OC Salsa Family. Determined to learn as much as possible, she began taking a series of private lessons with Esteban and taking every opportunity to social dance. She has performed in many occasions and she is well known in the Orange County Salsa Scene for her talent and friendly personality. Chanelle now assists and instructs beginners at OC salsa.



Lidiet Montano


Originally from Sinaloa, Mexico, Lidet grew up surrounded with Latin music and dancing. Since little she had aptitude for dancing. Her specialty is body movement and following in dancing. As an instructor assistant, Lidiet is very patient and nurturing with new and current students, always helping and answering questions. She has studied salsa dancing with Esteban and it’s now one of the most valuable members of the OC salsa family.


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