Evaluation day

Second Thursday and Last Monday of the Month 9pm


The second Thursday and last Monday of every month right after our Salsa Class, we conduct our
evaluations for students who wish to advance a new level. What do you need to do?

First register ahead of time for the next evaluation day (at our classes) and second pay the evaluation fee ($10, FREE for members). You can evaluate for both salsa and bachata, but you can only evaluate for one Level at a time. At the evaluation you will be asked to dance the steps of your current level with a classmate or instructor (you might also be asked to dance steps from previous levels). You must show that you apply all the techniques of your current level.

Once you advance, you will receive a patch to display on your OC Salsa shirt with your new level. If you are not ready to advance you will receive feed back of what you need to work on. Register in advance, spots are limited for every evaluation day. Download or app OC Salsa (android), so you can access all of our Syllabus Videos (Beginner and Intermediate Salsa and Bachata), so you can practice at home.

If you are coming to our Classes from another school and you think you belong in the intermediate class, you need to evaluate at our next evaluation date in order to be placed at the right level within Beginner or Intermediate Classes.

CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD OUR OC SALSA APPand download our class videos and have access to schedule and content

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