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January Evaluation Classes

January Evaluation Classes
November 26, 2017 adminer


Thursday 1/11 and Thursday 1/25 @ 9:30pm

What is evaluation Class? It’s a one hour class where OC Salsa instructors evaluate the students current level in order to advance them to the next level of the OC Salsa program. We also evaluate any student who would like to improve and wants feed back about where they are and what they need to help to immediately improve, for any level (beginner, intermediate or advance dancers). What do you need to do to participate? First register ahead of time for the next evaluation class (at our classes) and second pay the evaluation fee ($10, FREE for members). For students evaluating to advance level: You can evaluate for both salsa and bachata, but you can only evaluate for one Level at a time. At the evaluation you will be asked to dance the steps of your current level with a classmate or instructor (you might also be asked to dance steps from previous levels). You must show that you apply all the techniques of your current level. If you are not ready to advance you will receive feed back of what you need to work on. Register in advance, spots are limited for every evaluation class (Only 18 spots), since feed back is individual and time is limited. Download or app OC Salsa (android and I phone) FREE, so you can access all videos to practice.


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