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Evaluation Class FEBRUARY

Evaluation Class FEBRUARY
February 1, 2018 adminer

MONDAY 2/5 , THURSDAY 2/115, THURSDAY 2/22, MONDAY 3/5  @ 9:30PM

Our goal at OC Salsa is to help students advance their dance skills while having fun . That is why when you evaluate to advance, you do so in small sections at a time. As a beginner your goal is to advance to intermediate level. You can evaluate all 10 steps and techniques, or evaluate in small sections of the entire syllabus at a time (from level 1, to 2 to 3 for beginners, and from 4 to 5 to 6 for intermediates). Please refer to our syllabus available at the front desk. Also download our app OC Salsa (google and apple) FREE.
At evaluation class you will be dancing with a class mate or instructor. Don’t forget to register in advance, only 14 spots available. Then you will be asked to dance the steps and what is required for you to dance (see syllabus) You can evaluate for one level or more at a time, and for one style of dance or more. The benefit of evaluation for the entire beginner, or entire intermediate syllabus, is that you evaluate once and that is it, but you need to prepare more and practice more as you will be asked to dance the entire syllabus. When you evaluate sections at a time, you have to practice and prepare with less content. You just need to specify the instructor what you will be evaluating for. Evacuations are not just a way to advance you to a higher level but also to let you know what you need to work on. The instructor will be marking on an empty syllabus the things you need to work and give it back to you,  so you can reference it with the class videos of the app to get practice and get better and evaluate again. If you have all the elements you are evaluating for, then congratulations, you are advancing! Don’t forget top register in advance, spots are limited. Evaluations are free for monthly members or $10 for non members.
  1. You have a good and solid basic step
  2. Knows the left and right turns
  3. Steps look small and effortless
  4. Dances on the ball of the feet
  5. Has good frame, lead and follow
  6. Has good finger connection
  7. Dances on time 100%
  8. Knows all Cross Body Lead figures
  1. Has a strong progressive basic
  2. Has good natural and effortless hip action and torso movement
  3. Stays on beat to medium/fast tempo 100% of time
  4. Has flexible resistance and light follow (light arms for ladies)
  5. Men can effortless lead a double turn, ladies can effortless execute it
  6. Copa Steps and switch position moves are part of your dancing
  7. Ladies spot in all turns
  8. You will be asked in Evaluation to perform moves by yourself to show knowledge of footwork and balance on turns
  9. Movement flows with more cross body lead and open breaks with a ratio of 70% Cross body less, and 30% Basics (right turns and left turns count as basics)


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