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Noche de Cumbia OC

Noche de Cumbia OC
October 14, 2019 adminer

Friday 12/13 and Friday 1/10/2020


Noche de Cumbia Sonidera y Guaracha, for all those cumbia lovers! OC Salsa presents a one night event 100% with Guarachas y Sonideras.

at OC Salsa, 2980 Mcclintock Way, Costa Mesa

Plenty of parking, great wood floor, tacos outside. $10 cover
at Room A of OC salsa Friday Nights…

What goes on on Room B? OC Salsa Friday nights with Salsa and Bachata music. Incluido en el cover!

Este es un evento dedicado a los amantes de la Cumbia, and for those who love Salsa, Bachata and Cumbia as well. Para que esa noche puedan bailar de todo! Inviten a todos sus amigos y familiares.

Quieren aprender? clase de Bachata 7:30pm, 8:30pm Salsa . $15 por clase incluye baile.

Nos vemos allí!!!



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