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Advance Level Salsa Training

Advance Level Salsa Training
October 4, 2019 adminer
Advance Social Salsa Dance Training Team
WHEN: Tuesdays 8-10pm (starts November 5th 2019)
WHERE: Beach Cities Dance Studio 18838 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
HOW MUCH: $119.00 it includes all classes and socials at OC Salsa – First day of practice free to try on, no obligation. Only one day to tryout (11/5)
HOW LONG: 4 Months
WHO will do the training: Xiu Nguyen
WHAT (DETAILS): The purpose of this class is to train current intermediate level dancers (not intermediate students, but dancers) to learn how to dance at an advance level socially.
The content of this train team will 100% socially danceable. This means that you will learn a sequence of moves, techniques and shines that are 100% applicable in the dance floor.
What you will not learn is a choreography showcase style where the emphasis is on the audience and performance. This team will focus on one on one partner connection. All shines emphasis will be on one another and the music.
At the end of the season there will be on exhibition at one of our locations to show case what you learned (once again, not to perform, but it will feel like social dancing in front of people). No costumes, but matching clothing.
Once season is over we will start a new one. This program divides into a one year sequential program designed to get students to graduate from the OC salsa Advance program fully after one year. This is optional, and the commitment is only 4 month (one season). However the program will emphasize in the course of one year:
1st Quarter
Smooth flow of lead/follow
2nd Quarter
3rd Quarter
Body Movement
We will do a Video of before and after of your social dancing so you can see the full change and effect this program will have on your dancing.
This program is not for current Intermediate students, but for students who are currently already dancing at an intermediate level. Intermediate dance students are invited to participate to see what the next level is about.
1st Hour of practice will be designed to teach drills of body movement, spins, footwork, etc. Second hour will work on partner work and building a sequence that connects every week. Every class you will learn new content on partner work.
At the end of the session we will announce who qualifies for the team season. The criteria will be very strict.
Questions? Call Esteban Conde at 949-813-0412
HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE READY FOR ADVANCE LEVEL INSTRUCTIONS? You are ready if you are an intermediate dancer who….
1) Feels comfortable dancing socially
2) Can maintain timing most of the time, and recognizes when he is off time. Works on getting back on time.
3) Has a good solid lead, good following
4) Feels comfortable learning new intermediate moves without feeling overly challenged.
5) Is comfortable dancing some solo footwork and reconnecting with his/her partner
6) Has had over 6 months or over of social dance experience.
7) Has learned the order of social dancing by following and applying a balance between (1- Lead/follow= focus on your partner, 2- How to move your feet and body = Focus on your self , 3- Timing= Focus on the Music)
8) Still feels uncomfortable doing solo shines
9) Wants to learn cooler moves (leads), be better spinner with styling (follows)
Our goal is to graduate you as someone who…..
1) Feels uncomfortable dancing off beat
2) Knows how to their bodies n’sync with the music
3) Has a flow of movement when dancing that mimics the music
5) has an understanding of spin lead/follow and control
6) solo dances on connection with music and partner
7) understands how movement and steps connect one with the other effortlessly (left/right concept)
8) Dances in the following order of priority (1- Music = Pays attention to the music timing, frasing and all instruments 2- Body= Translates the music into body movement interpretation 3- Lead/follow= Translates this to his partner by dancing while lead/follow
9) Looks forward to learn more fundamental and basic classes that teaches substance over content
10) Effortless and light follow, Assertive and flexible lead
11) Knows how to lead and is comfortable dancing signature Advance moves:
Triple spins
Continues spins
Cbl w double turns
Barrel Turns
Hand Tossses, combs and loops
12) Understands Musical structure, and is able to anticipate musical hits and musical mood changes
You can find the details and see info at our website EstebanConde.com/advance


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