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Advance Salsa & Bachata Training by OC Salsa Free

Advance Salsa & Bachata Training by OC Salsa Free
September 12, 2018 adminer
Esteban Conde and OC Salsa invites you to their ” Advance” Training for Salsa and Bachata FREE
Salsa Thursday 10/11 & 10/18 7:30pm-9:30pm
w Esteban Conde and Jenny Suarez
Bachata Friday 10/12 & 10/19 7:30pm-9:30pm
w/ Esteban Conde and Isabelle Lezotre
These training sessions are only for those who are ready to challenge themselves and take their dancing from their current int level into int/adv level though rigorous and dedicated training
Warm and stretch, core strengtheining
Drills for spins, body movement
Team practice with a challenging choreography working with multiple spins, footwear and shine sections, styling and body movement.
FREE TO TRYOUT! This is our New Season Student’s Class using a team format. This is truly an intermediate to advance training audition. Come and try it, but know that if you are not at the level you will not be qualified to be part of the training team.
You can maintain time and music to a medium/fast speed tempo salsa song.
You can lea and follow easily double turns.
You can dance and transition from move to move at ease through cross only leads with turns.
You feel you need to add styling, body movement and footwork into your dancing.
TRYOUTS will be
SALSA: Thursday OCTOBER 11th and Thursday OCTOBER 18 (we suggest come first day and second day, but second date added for those who can’t make it to the first practice) @ 8pm-10pm
@ Danscene Studio 2980 McClintock way # A& B, Costa Mesa, 92626 Where we will go through a regular team practice day (warm up, drills, choreography. BACHATA: Friday October 12 and 19 from 7:30pm-8:30pm, sam location.
If you have a strong desire to improve your social dancing and be part of an awesome group, Come check it out
BOTH routine are carefully choreographed and done so when you come to practice everything is lay down and organized. First 4 months of training is to learn and perfect technique. Next 2 months is to perform the routine at local events to use them as mile stones. After each performance we review, correct and make it better, until final performance. There is a total of 4-6 performances to be announced.
Goals are
-To improve your social dance skills
-To learn a fun and challenging Salsa routine
-To add style into your dance through repetition
-To learn new footwork and shines for your dancing
-To add body movement and spins techniques into your social dance. To be more balanced
-To make New friends and be part of the OC Salsa Family Team
-To add confidence to your dancing
Team practice to be held every Thursday from 8-10pm for salsa and every friday from 7:30pm-9:30pm for bachata. . Once a week practice from October-March 2019 (6 months training)
Tuition is $120 a month one team, $180 for 2 teams. With tuition all group classes are FREE ,MON, WEDNESDAY, THUR, FRI Classes AND Parties WED AND FRI, Monthly BOOTCAMPS) for complete updated schedule go to www.estebanconde.com. If you qualify to be part of the team, the first 2 practice days will count as part of your first month tuition. If you don’t qualify or are not interested this is totally FREE, no strings attached and no obligation.
Esteban will focus in teaching 1 challenging advance level routine. Open only to intermediate/advance level students/dancers.
Bring dance shoes and comfortable work out clothing and water.
You will learn part of the choreo. Only students who are ready will join the team. Students who made the team will be announced individually


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